Brighten up for happiness?

While working in my half assed youtuber studio with bright color accurate light I noticed something. The lights seem to mildly mitigate my winter blues. Lets embiggen that effect! The experiment starts now, with more, larger and better quality video light panels.

Every year I have a moderate case of the winterblues. It seems to be mostly connected to being less outside and seeing less of the sun due to the season and the weather that goes with it in The Netherlands. It’s effects are regular dips in energy levels, sleeping longer and eating a bit more.

a wonderful thing happened: my energy level increased when I worked with that light on

To solve that change in my day to day live I forced myself to go outside and at the least bike to my work everyday, BUT this has not happened because of the soft lockdown we’re having. I also use a fake daylight lamp with bright blue light. That helps a bit. What also changed was the amount of video-calls.

My Lowel Ego photo light

To brighten up my video quality I rigged up my old photography lights (Lowel Ego) behind the camera and a wonderful thing happened: my energy level increased when I worked with those light on.

This is the challenge: do new and brighter videolights help even more? That’s why I ordered some and I’m going to use them as work lights. To counter the placebo effect, or some form of bias, we need to try this with more people.

Brighter video light (Falcon Eyes)

So if you suffer from a winterblues and have access to video lights, please use them as work light and measure your mood. I love to hear from you!